10 Reasons Why You Have Not Built Your Own House



With my experience in the Building & Real Estate Industry, I have discovered that many people find it difficult to build their own house or build for investment purpose because of the following reasons.


  • Financial limitation.
  • They don’t want to fall victim of land scammers.
  • They have no idea how to plan and start their house building project.
  • They think they are still young and that it is not yet time to start their house building project.
  • They are waiting for the perfect time to start.
  • They have never considered building their own house as an alternative to renting a house.
  • They have a plot/plots of land for their house project but they think the location is too far.
  •  They don’t know how and where their property can give them great return on investment (ROI)
  • They don’t want to start small.
  • They don’t have reliable Civil Engineer or Builder to handle their building project.


1)    Financial limitations

This is the first excuse people give to justify why they have not built their own house.

It is painful when I hear people personalise the word “can’t, impossible, inability, incapability “

Personalising negative words like these has influence on a person’s success in life.


The scripture says ” as a man thinks in his hearth, so is he”

You’re not financially limited.

 You have all the resources needed to build your own house faster.

Don’t you know that there are forces that ensure the manifestation of every word that comes out of your mouth?

When you say you are able, you will always see forces working in your favour to ensure that your thought and confession comes to pass.

Therefore, be conscious of your choice of words.

So, always say, “you are capable”, “you are financially unlimited” and many other positive confessions. 


2)    Fear of land scammers                        

My second point on people’s excuses for not building their own house is “the fear of land scammers”

Fear simply means False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear only takes advantage of the illiterates or those who lack knowledge. It’s a knowledgeable person that doesn’t patronise the “Gbajues”

If you don’t know, you don’t know!

When you are knowledgeable and informed you would know the reliable real estate company around you that has the property of choice in a choosy and juicy location.

Stop visiting baba iyabo for your land purchase.

 Don’t be deceived, stop wasting your hard earned money to land scammers.

Truly, life has evolved.



3)    Lack of ideas and planning                  

Hope you are still with me. This 3rd excuse people give as a reason for not building their own house makes me remember some of the attitude I display unconsciously.

I find it easy to relate with people older than me, why, I need to know beyond my age.

It influences ones marital, financial, career, investment and even spiritual life.

Be inquisitive; always ask questions about how your elderly ones are succeeding in each of the life phases.

Ask how, when, where, how much and you will see how you will pass such hurdles when it’s your turn.

Less I forget, ask how much it takes to build your dream house and plan for it.

Take the right decision NOW



4TH EXCUSE                                        

4)    Some think they are still young that it is not yet time to start their house building project:

This is another excuse given by many tenants.

Success in life is not about age, but about time and how you can maximize opportunities.

Your own opportunity may come when you are 20, 25, 30 etc. but if you fail to key into the opportunity when it surfaces you may not come across such again in your life time.


Many had this kind of opportunity to build their own house when they were 25years old but they missed the opportunity.


Learn from this.




5)    Waiting for the perfect time to start

Now, here is the 5th excuse that many tenants give for not starting their house building construction.

I met one of my clients recently. I helped him to mold the concrete block for his building project and he has not started the construction proper.

So, I asked him “you should have packed into your new house now”

He replied “I’m waiting for a time when I would have the fund to finance the building of the duplex at a go.

My advice for him: “Well, it is a good idea to have all the funds needed for your building project at a go but you can still start with what you have”.

He acted on my advice and now, I have helped him build the house to roof level.


6)    They have a plot/plots of land for their house project but they think the location is too far

Some say the land they bought for their house project is located in a far and bushy area and they would not start construction activities until the area is developed.

This kind of belief has made many potential landlords to remain being addressed as tenants till now and if appropriate action is not taken they would remain to be tenants for the rest of their lives.

There is no point buying a piece of land and waiting for decades when you think the area would have developed before you start the construction of the house. As soon as you get the piece of land, decide on the type of house you want to build on it with respect to your income and get started.

When you are through with the construction of the house and you still think it is too farther away from where you work or something, you can as well hand it over to a reliable estate agent who will rent it out to tenants looking for accommodation in that location and you will start earning rental income.

As soon as the location is developed to a satisfactory level, you can relocate to your apartment.


7)    They don’t want to start small

The seventh excuse people give to justify why they have not started their house construction is the belief that a 2 bedroom bungalow or 3 bedroom is too small for their level. 

Why? People who give this excuse think of building a mansion or duplex as their first house, so they can’t even think of planning for anything lesser than that big picture of their dream home.

So, it is not a bad idea to dream of building a mansion as your first house but it should not stop you from starting with a smaller apartment if that is what you can afford at the moment.

(Make a decision on building your house faster now)

Now, the 8TH EXCUSE

8)    They don’t know how and where their property can give them great return on investment (ROI)

As I write, many people are financially buoyant enough to build houses so as to earn good rental income but they do not have information on areas and location with great return on investment (ROI)

For instance, about 20years ago, a plot of land in Lekki, Ajah goes for a token but it is only those that were informed about the potential of the area yielding great ROI that invested in buying acres at that time. Now, those that invested then are now mutimillionares, why? because it is either they resell the land for good profit or they develop the land into estate and rent it out to tenants for good rental income.


You can also purchase plots and acres of land anywhere in Nigeria, especially Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Porthartcourt.



9)    They have never considered building their own house as an option to renting a house:

I have seen a whole lot of tenants whose three months salary is enough to build them a 3bedroom bungalow that can atleast accommodate their family, but they have never thought in that direction . 

A good number of people think what they need to build a house of their own is one huge sum of money, thought it is not bad to build your first house with tens and hundreds of million but you can start with what you have.


So don’t think most landlords/landladies or other house owners earn more than you when they built their first house or apartment you rented from them. The difference is planning and decision.


This is another opportunity for you to start your own house construction.




      They don’t have a reliable Civil Engineer or Builder to handle their house building project:

The last but not the least EXCUSE people give to justify why
they have not become house owner is that they claim they don’t have a reliable
Civil Engr. or Builder to handle their building project. 

Do not be deceived, there are qualified and competent Civil Engineers and Builders around, its only that your search is not enough. Many people have been discouraged and lost hope of building their own house just because of the high rate of building collapse cases they have witnessed around them.Some potential house owners award the construction of their house to BRICKLAYERS who call themselves Civil Engineer/ Builders just because these bricklayers have worked under the tutelage of a competent Civil Engineer for a good number of years.

Awarding your building project to a BRICKLAYER is an erroneous decision a potential house owner can make. Don’t you know the art and science of building construction is beyond putting mortar and bricks together? House constructed by such bricklayers are bound to collapse before completion or in few years because there are many factors that need to be considered and put in place while building a house that the bricklayer know nothing about and this is one of the reasons why the rate of building collapse cases is on the increase in our society. 

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