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Olaolu Concrete Block Hub is a concrete block making company in Nigeria with the mission to reduce the high rate of building collapse cases in Nigeria by producing and selling high quality concrete blocks to homeowners, builders, architects, civil engineers, and building contractors in Nigeria.

We help concrete block business owners procure quality concrete block machines, wooden pallets, and other high-quality equipment needed for their concrete block making business.

We train aspiring entrepreneurs on the proper way to start, run and grow a profitable concrete block making business in our concrete block making business academy, virtually and physically.

We help concrete block business owners to audit their stocks by physical stock-taking monthly and also restructure their business for proper accountability and optimum profit.

About Me


Olaolu Abidoye is my name, and I founded www.olaoluabidoye.com. My passion for promoting quality, safe and transparent building construction and real estate services effectively and efficiently birthed www.olaoluabidoye.com.

I am a Project Management Professional (UK) coupled with my years of experience as a civil engineer in building construction and real estate practices.

In recent times, I have been involved in the design and construction of building projects ranging from schools, church auditoriums, commercial and residential structures, among others.

Experience and research show that low-quality concrete blocks in building construction and real estate practices are among the many causes of building collapse cases prevalent in our dear country, Nigeria, and this has resulted in massive loss of lives and properties.

It is a bitter truth that many houses and buildings built already with these low-quality building materials will still collapse sooner or later. It is always my pain seeing concrete block sellers selling low-quality concrete blocks with the sole purpose of maximizing their profits.

Little did the buyers of such low-quality blocks know that their decision is consequential either in the short term or in the nearest future because the percentage of breakages/cracks of such low-quality blocks would be high, and the building being erected with the low-quality blocks could collapse during construction or after completion when being subjected to some external pressures and this could be disastrous to the occupants and neighboring houses.

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How to launch and run a profitable concrete block making business in Nigeria

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