Advantages Of Machine Vibrated Concrete Blocks Over The Hand Moulded Concrete Blocks


Advantages Of Machine Vibrated Concrete Blocks Over The Hand Moulded Concrete Blocks


Advantages Of Machine Vibrated Concrete Blocks Over Hand Molded Concrete Blocks


For detailed explanation on this subject, I would like to let you know that Machine Vibrated Concrete Blocks are blocks moulded or produced with the block moulding machine that uses lister diesel engine or electricity as it’s source of power. 

The concrete block moulding machine that is commonly used now is the electric one.The reason for its popularity is that it can be easily taken to the clients site on which the concrete block is needed. So, instead of molding the concrete blocks in the block factory, the block making business owner would now carry all his block molding equipment to the customers site for the purpose of molding the blocks there. We call this model an “Onsite Concrete Block Moulding Model” because the concrete blocks are moulded on the customers building project site.

The electric concrete block moulding machine uses an electricity or an electric generating set as its own source of power.

Likewise, manually moulded or hand moulded concrete blocks are the ones moulded with steel crafted mould without the use of any electricity or generator to power it. 

The use of manual mould in concrete block making is an age-long method of concrete block production.

Research shows that the concrete blocks produced by the vibrating machine are much more stronger than the ones made with the manual moulds. The major reason for this is that, the vibrating machine has the ability to compress and vibrate the concrete block aggregates properly than the hand mould does.

This vibrating machine produces blocks at a faster rate than the hand mold. The electric vibrating machine can produce about 500 units of 9inches or 1,000 units of 6inches blocks on a daily basis.

The blocks produced from hand mould are usually with rough edges and this eventually result to using more molter during the erection of walls block walls and these hand molded blocks can eventually result to walls that are not straight enough after using them for wall erection. Therefore, it is advisable for you to consider using vibrated concrete blocks when you need a neat and straight building walls.

The hand moulded concrete blocks are cheaper than the machine vibrated blocks. The labours needed for vibrated concrete blocks production are usually paid about N1,000 to N1,200 per bag of cement while the manual moulders normally charge about N700 to N800 per unit bag of cement.


 See the picture of an Electric Concrete Block Making Machine and The Manual Moulds below

Electric Concrete Block Machine

Locally Fabricated Hand Mould

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