The rate at which buildings collapse in Nigeria is a challenge that requires the attention of us experts in the building construction industry so as to prevent losing friends and relatives to the cold hand of death due to collapse of building that results from the usage of low quality concrete blocks and other building materials for building construction works.

Experience and research shows that the usage of low-quality concrete blocks in building construction and real estate practices is among the many causes of building collapse cases in our dear country, Nigeria, and this has resulted into massive loss of lives and properties.

It is a bitter truth that many homes and buildings which are already built with these low-quality building materials will still collapse sooner or later. It is always my pain see concrete block sellers selling low-quality concrete blocks with the sole purpose of maximizing their profits. 

Many home owners think the only way they can reduce the the overall cost of building their house is through buying cheap building materials like concrete blocks and using lower quantity of cement when building their homes.

Hear me well and good, there are several ways you can reduce the overall cost of building your house without using low quality building materials. 

Here are some of the ways through which you can reduce your building cost:

==> The first way you can reduce your building construction cost is buying a flat land on which you want to build your house.

==> Another way is getting a good building plan and hiring a competent quantity surveyor to do the costing of your building plan for you be fore the real building construction commences.

==> Getting a competent and trustworthy builder to supervise and build your house for you is another way of reducing the overall cost of your house building project.

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